The Power of Words

It says that the power of words, radically change your message and your effect upon the world. Kadang, kita nggak sadar kata-kata yang kita keluarkan sangat berpengaruh terhadap perasaan orang lain. Ya, saya sendiri paling susah mencari kata-kata yang tepat untuk mengungkapkan sesuatu lebih baik. Yang ada malah saya ngerasa jadi orang yang mengesalkan. Memang. Menyebalkan.

Well anyway.. yeah, this short is really touching and such inspiring.


One thought on “The Power of Words

  1. Oh my Goood that’s so inspiring! There are probably so many things out there that we don’t really care about just because we don’t think about them on certain ways that we should. By just re-phrasing the words we can change the entire perception and affect the emotion that we need to see the world in the most useful perspective. Words are rich, and I never really realized! Ke mana aja gueee?

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